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   the eve of the game























   This is the second time Ioyama Yuta came to Yamaguchi for a title battle after the Honinbo battle in 2018. Finally, he said: "The environment here is very quiet and it can be said to be the most suitable place for the game."


   the eve of the game












   But the incandescent lamp is too dazzling, not only Shiano Toramaru and Ioyama Yuta in front of the chessboard, but even the scorer made a "a bit dazzling" sound.

但是白炽灯太令人眼花,乱,不仅Shiano Toramaru和Ioyama Yuta在棋盘前,甚至得分手也发出了“有点令人眼花“乱”的声音。





































































   At 1 pm, the game continues. Before the lunch break, Shiano Toramaru had already spent 30 minutes considering the 45th move. After the lunch break, Shiano Toramaru was still considering this move.

下午1点,游戏继续进行。在午餐休息之前,Shiano Toramaru已经花了30分钟考虑第45步。午休后,Shiano Toramaru仍在考虑此举。







  In the game, Nakatei, Yamaguchi City, I saw the figure of Yukihiro Ozawa, the sales director of the "Tokiwa Hotel" in Kofu City, where the 7th round of the celebrity match was held. It is currently Yuta Iyama's two consecutive victories. When asked if he could get to the 7th round of the celebrity battle, he thought he would hesitate for a while, but he replied: "It's okay, they will definitely stick to me."


   In fact, there is a basis to follow.








   From the very beginning, a large number of solid Shiano Toramaru was harvested on the right. Should we continue to choose to encircle the empty space, or should we reinforce the unsettled black chess in the upper right corner?

从一开始,右边就收获了大量坚实的Shiano Toramaru。我们应该继续选择包亚博体彩APP围空白空间还是应该在右上角加固未解决的黑色国际象棋?

   Yamashita Keigo 9dan, who served as the commentator, said: "Shibano Toramaru's next move will determine the pattern of the game", and then analyzed the black 1 move. This move is a steady move that takes into account the balance of strengths and weaknesses of the pieces. Perhaps Shiano Toramaru thinks the situation is not good. AI also recommends this move. Compared with the big changes in the morning, this game of chess has eased slightly. After that, the two sides will compete for the initiative in this game. The current situation of AI is still a balance of power, and who will the trend of this game be?

担任评论员的Yamashita Keigo 9dan说:“ Shibano Toramaru的下一步行动将确定游戏的模式”,然后分析了黑人1行动。此举是一项稳定的举动,考虑到了各个部分的优势和劣势之间的平衡。也许Shiano Toramaru认为情况不好。 AI也建议此举亚博体彩APP。与早晨的大变化相比,这场象棋的游戏有所缓解。之后,双方将在这场比赛中争夺主动权。 AI的现状仍然是力量平衡,这个游戏的趋势将是谁?





   After entering the first chess game in the afternoon, Shiano Toramaru's cockroach temporarily eased the rhythm of the situation. But the fighting spirit Yuta Jingshan didn't accept his spear, and violently chose to break from White 1.

下午参加第一场象棋比赛后,Shiano Toramaru的蟑螂暂时缓解了局势的节奏。但是斗士Yuta Jingshan不接受他的亚博体彩平台长矛,因此猛烈地选择与White 1决裂。

   was originally a move to reinforce the upper right corner, but Ioyama Yuta said: "No!", so he continued to investigate this move, which was a method that was not thought of in the research room.






   This is the Go celebrity returning to Yamaguchi again after 18 years of war. The last time was the celebrity Yida Jiji vs. Zhao Zhixun's throne in 2002 (the titles are all titles at the time). In the face of the celebrity battle after 18 years, Horimoto Misari Shidan, who lives in Yamaguchi Prefecture, also came to join him.

经过18年的战争,这是Go名人再次回到山口。上一次是2002年名人伊达·吉吉(Yida Jiji)对阵赵志勋(Zhi Zhixun)的王位(当时的头衔均为头衔)。面对18年后的名人之战,居住在山口县的moto本美s(Horimoto Misari Shidan)也加入了他的行列。


   Horimoto Mitsunari was born in Yanai City in the east of Yamaguchi Prefecture. After graduating from elementary school, I came to Tokyo and became a disciple, but when I was in my 20s, because of my father's health, I started the days of running between Tokyo and Yamaguchi.

ori本光成(Horimoto Mitsunari)出生于山口县东部的柳井市。小学毕业后,我来到东京成为徒弟,但是在我20多岁的时候,由于父亲的健康,我开始了从东京到山口的跑步的日子。

   may have been a long-lost stay in my hometown for a long time, and I felt the support of local chess fans. Said: "I have been taken care of by various chess fans"
















   Both sides of the drink ordered iced coffee.






  Iyama Yuta attacked the black chess from the upper right corner to the entire top, and then White 2 attacked the black chess again. Toramaru Shiba, who holds black, also wants to drive off white as soon as possible, but blindly running away is not the way.

井山雄太(Iyama Yuta)从右上角到整个顶部攻击了黑色象棋,然后White 2再次攻击了黑色象棋。拥有黑色的Toramaru Shiba也想尽快赶走白色,但盲目逃避是不可能的。



   Faced with Yuta Iyama’s fighting spirit, Shiano Toramaru, who looked very calm, showed his inner fighting spirit in this game. It is impossible for Jing Shan Yuta who saw this move to counterattack, and the battle of this chess game will only become more intense.

面对Yuta Iyama的拼搏精神,看上去非常冷静的Shiano Toramaru在这场比赛中表现出了他内在的拼搏精神。对于景山裕太来说,看到这一举动进行反击是不可能的,而这场象棋比赛的战斗只会变得更加激烈。



















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